If you are reading this you are probably going t​hrough a difficult time.  To make things as easy as possible we offer the services below.  All prices are as listed below, no surprises, no extra costs.  We include pick up and delivery in our pricing on Packages A, B and D in central Durham.   Mileage costs are extra outside of central Durham. 

Package A

 Communal Cremation

Pricing includes pet transportation from your home or vet's office. We then arrange for Communal Pet Cremation, no return of ashes, and the return of any memorial products ordered.

During communal cremation, your pet is gently placed in a crematory in a group setting with other pets.

0 to 45lbs          $95 + tax

46lbs and up  $135 + tax

Package B

 Private Cremation

Pricing includes pet transportation from your home  or vet's office.  We then arrange for true Private Cremation and deliver back your pet's ashes in a scatter/burial box as well as any memorial products ordered.

With our private cremation service a crematory is reserved exclusively for  for your pet. 

0 to 45lbs       $245 + tax

46lbs and up  $285 + tax

Package C

Viewing and Visitation

We arrange for you to go directly to the crematory Pets Above in Guelph and use their comfortable visitation room to say a private farewell to you pet.

Added to Private Cremation package B  $150 +tax

Package D 

Angel of Mercy

Includes the transport of your pet to their vet appointment within central Durham, accompany them during the euthanasia process and proceed with the cremation plan of your choice.

Added to Plan A or B  $50 + tax

Package E 

Pocket Pets

Pets under 2lbs that are delivered by pet owner to our location.  This pricing does not include delivery. 

Cremation service descriptions are as listed above. 

Private Cremation        $190 + tax

Communal Cremation  $65 + tax

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